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Diamond sets

We can supply you with diamond sets that can be calibrated to your requirements

Polished appraisals

We can value diamonds at current market prizes and weigh up the necessity for re-cutting of weakly made or damaged stones.

Rough evaluation

We can value rough at market prices, to this effect we use an in house developed pricing system that covers the whole range of rough categories (over 400 assortments per size category).


We can have stones certified for you at all major recognized diamond labs.

Exclusive cuts

We can have stones polished to your specific requirements and help create an exclusive cut.

Price list

We provide our customers with an up to date price list covering all our available stock.


We can re-cut your stones to better proportions or repair them.

Tailor made jewellery

We can make jewelry pieces that are tailored to your particular taste using all alloys available in the trade. We can create them using the ‘lost wax’ method so that it’s possible to produce a large number of identical pieces of jewelry with a very high quality standard at competitive prices. Or we can have the jewelry pieces hand made by the best craftsmen in Antwerp.

CAD design

We can assist you in the design of unique jewelry pieces based on requirements or drawings. The CAD design (computer aided design) will enable you to visualize the jewelry piece to its last detail and present it to your customer before having it made. Rendered pictures (3 dimensional images including texture, lighting and shading) will be provided to that effect.