About us
Mr. Blitz starts working in the diamonds industry in Amsterdam, Netherlands

L. Blitz, second generation, arrives in Antwerp, Belgium from Amsterdam and is part of the founding members of the new Antwerp diamond traders’ community.

I. Beck starts learning the secrets of the diamond trade by L. Blitz, his father in law, in Antwerp

I. Beck opens a diamond factory with his brother in the center of the Antwerp diamond district

Leopold Beck, 4th generation, joins the family business

September 1995
Axel Beck enters the diamond business as its fifth generation member

November 1997
Raoul Beck becomes partner

July 1998
Beck diamonds starts its joint venture in New York, U.S.

September 2003
Beck Diamonds starts sourcing its rough diamonds directly from South Africa

March 2005
Opening of our factory in Kimberley, South Africa

October 2009
Beginning of Chinese production finishing goods ranging from 0.15 carat to 0.69 carat