About us

Leopold Beck

Mr. Beck has been involved in the diamond industry since 1955, he developed the family business into a global reaching venture. He began manufacturing small fancy shapes and over time covered the whole range of polished goods from 20 pointers till 5 carats. Today he is responsible on the management of the family business and sales.

Axel Beck

Axel joined the family business in 1996 after successfully finishing studies in aerospace engineering. After learning all the century old skills of the diamond industry he was responsible on overhauling and improving the manufacturing facilities. Today, using the latest technologies available in the trade, he is responsible on buying rough diamonds and managing the manufacturing operation. In addition to those responsibilities Axel takes care of sales and will always try to cater to the customers’ specific requirements.

Alain Riff

Alain joined Beck Diamonds in 2003 with over 6 years of experience in the jewelry retail industry. Thanks to his background he understands the needs and requirements of retailers and wholesalers better than anyone. He is responsible on developing new markets for Beck Diamonds polished goods and takes care of the customers’ accounts.

Raoul Beck

Raoul becomes partner in 1997.